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@ -297,20 +297,6 @@ unlikely to implement them any time soon, but patches implementing those will
be accepted. See [Questions & Contributions](#questions-amp-contributions) on
how to contribute.
## Sharing of libc shims/libc++.a
Zig does not always share `libc++.a` and the glibc shims. We have observed
to be caused for 2 reasons:
- For some commands Go `chdir`s to `/tmp/`. This causes `ZIG_LIB_DIR` to be
absolute, which blows the cache key to find the right `libc++.a` (because Zig
thinks we are using a different lib dir to compile libc++). This is currently
worked around in `toolchain/defs.bzl` by overfitting to Go and returning
early from that particular invocation.
- Sometimes Bazel's sandbox messes up Zig's cache keys. If one runs without the
sandbox (`--spawn_strategy=standalone`), the cache hit rate and thus the
build time are much better.
## Zig cache location
Currently zig cache is in `$HOME`, so `bazel clean --expunge` does not clear
@ -376,6 +362,8 @@ Feel free to track [Universal headers][universal-headers] project for a fix.
- [rules/go #2894 Per-arch_target linker flags](https://github.com/bazelbuild/rules_go/issues/2894) (CLOSED, thanks mjonaitis)
- [golang/go #46644 cmd/link: with CC=zig: SIGSERV when cross-compiling to darwin/amd64](https://github.com/golang/go/issues/46644) (CLOSED, thanks kubkon)
... and more.
# Host Environments
This repository is used on the following (host) platforms:
@ -410,8 +398,9 @@ $ docker run -e CC=/usr/bin/false -ti --rm -v "$PWD:/x" -w /x debian:bullseye-sl
# apt update
# apt install --no-install-recommends -y direnv git shellcheck ca-certificates
# eval "$(direnv hook bash)" && direnv allow
# ./ci/test
# ./ci/lint
# ./ci/launcher
# ./ci/test
Some of the tests rely on `qemu-aarch64` to run arm64 binaries and wine for
@ -423,8 +412,7 @@ $ docker run -e CC=/usr/bin/false -ti --rm -v "$PWD:/x" -w /x debian:bullseye-sl
# dpkg --add-architecture arm64 && apt update
# apt install --no-install-recommends -y direnv git shellcheck ca-certificates libc6:arm64 qemu-user-static wine64
# eval "$(direnv hook bash)" && direnv allow
# ./ci/test
# ./ci/lint
<... run the ci/ commands as above>
# Questions & Contributions
@ -457,8 +445,8 @@ interests when reading patches or mailing lists.
- Committer: Laurynas Lubys. Bazel expert with regards to tests, transitions
and overall structure. Rewrote bazel-zig-cc to cater for platforms when libc
platforms were added.
- Committer: Ken Micklas. Ken is leading hermetic toolchain effort at Uber, of
which bazel-zig-cc is a part of.
- Committer: Ken Micklas. Ken was leading hermetic toolchain effort at Uber
throughout 2022, of which bazel-zig-cc is a part of.
- Maintainer for Windows: Fabian Hahn. If you make a change that breaks
Windows, Fabian will find you. Please don't break Windows, so Fabian doesn't
have to look for you. Instead, send him your patches first.
@ -469,6 +457,12 @@ You may find contact information of the individuals in the commit logs.
This section lists notable uses or mentions of bazel-zig-cc.
- 2023-01-24 [bazel-zig-cc v1.0.0][bazel-zig-cc-v1]: releasing bazel-zig-cc and
admitting that bazel-zig-cc is used in production to compile all of Uber's
[Go Monorepo][go-monorepo].
- 2022-11-18 [BazelCon 2022: Making Uber's hermetic C++
toolchain][bazelcon2022]: Laurynas Lubys presents the story of how this
repository came into being and how it was used (as of the conference).
- 2022-05-23 [How Zig is used at Uber (youtube)][yt-how-zig-is-used-at-uber]:
Yours Truly (the author) talks about how bazel-zig-cc came to existence and
how it's used at Uber in Milan Zig Meetup.
@ -477,9 +471,6 @@ This section lists notable uses or mentions of bazel-zig-cc.
author $250 for bazel-zig-cc.
- 2022-01-13 [bazel-zig-cc building Envoy][zig-cc-envoy].
If you'd like your blog post, company or a project added here, do not hesitate
and send a patch.
# Thanks
Many thanks to Adam Bouhenguel and his [bazel-zig-cc][ajbouh], the parent of
@ -504,3 +495,6 @@ the issues promptly.
[google-award]: https://opensource.googleblog.com/2022/03/Announcing-First-Group-of-Google-Open-Source-Peer-Bonus-Winners-in-2022.html
[go-gc-sections]: https://go-review.googlesource.com/c/go/+/407814
[universal-headers]: https://github.com/ziglang/universal-headers
[bazel-zig-cc-v1]: https://lists.sr.ht/~motiejus/bazel-zig-cc/%3CCAFVMu-rYbf_jDTT4p%3DCS2KV1asdS5Ovo5AyuCwgv2AXr8OOP0g%40mail.gmail.com%3E
[go-monorepo]: https://www.uber.com/blog/go-monorepo-bazel/
[bazelcon2022]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1jXzx3884g