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@ -99,11 +99,33 @@ $ zig build test
Test the so
sed -i 's/\(\(passwd\|group\).*files\)$/\1 turbo/' /etc/nsswitch.conf
Other commands will be documented as they are implemented.
zig build -Dtarget=x86_64-linux-gnu.2.31 -Dcpu=x86_64_v3 -Drelease-fast=true -Dstrip=true
Generate `db.turbo`:
zig-out/bin/turbonss-unix2db --passwd /etc/passwd --group /etc/group
zig-out/bin/turbonss-analyze db.turbo
Run a test container:
$ docker run -ti --rm --privileged -v `pwd`:/etc/turbonss -w /etc/turbonss debian:bullseye
# cp zig-out/lib/libnss_turbo.so.2 /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu
# sed -i 's/\(\(passwd\|group\).*files\)$/\1 turbo/' /etc/nsswitch.conf
And knock yourself out:
getent passwd
getent group
id root
This is probably not very interesting; you may want to take a larger corpus of
/etc/passwd and /etc/group for more interesting results.
This project uses [git subtrac][git-subtrac] for managing dependencies. They
work just like regular submodules, except all the refs of the submodules are in