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Motiejus Jakštys 6d24d0da7a replace io/ioutil with os 2023-01-03 16:00:34 +02:00
Motiejus Jakštys dc03b29e6e Revert "add WithFilePrefix"
This reverts commit 436a866f5d.

This is not a good place for such auxiliary functionality; will be moved
2021-08-29 18:40:11 +03:00
Motiejus Jakštys 436a866f5d add WithFilePrefix
This adds an option to prefix every file path with a given string.
2021-08-29 16:55:32 +03:00
Motiejus Jakštys 4568429a69 main.go: remove file if on Flatten(..) failure
When a Flatten() fails, the main program used to leave an incomplete
file (usually zero-length). Now it will clean itself up on failure.
2021-08-25 08:49:30 +03:00
Motiejus Jakštys 2f484824fb update README and misc files 2021-05-24 00:11:58 +03:00
Motiejus Jakštys c042482a2f remove testing dependencies 2021-05-24 00:11:58 +03:00
Motiejus Jakštys ee88c0aa9a simplify `undocker` 2021-05-24 00:11:58 +03:00
Motiejus Jakštys 9665574308 wip leave only rootfs 2021-05-24 00:11:58 +03:00