My configuration. Probably nothing to look for here.
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Flake lock file updates:

• Updated input 'nix-index-database':
    'github:Mic92/nix-index-database/25d6369c232bbea1ec1f90226fd17982e7a0a647' (2023-09-24)
  → 'github:Mic92/nix-index-database/031d4b22505fdea47bd53bfafad517cd03c26a4f' (2023-10-01)
• Updated input 'nixos-hardware':
    'github:NixOS/nixos-hardware/adcfd6aa860d1d129055039696bc457af7d50d0e' (2023-09-28)
  → 'github:NixOS/nixos-hardware/0ab3ee718e964fb42dc57ace6170f19cb0b66532' (2023-10-01)
• Updated input 'nixpkgs':
    'github:NixOS/nixpkgs/5cfafa12d57374f48bcc36fda3274ada276cf69e' (2023-09-27)
  → 'github:NixOS/nixpkgs/32dcb45f66c0487e92db8303a798ebc548cadedc' (2023-09-30)
• Updated input 'nur':
    'github:nix-community/NUR/de1f391fb5953123d0244282540eee79bfe4ed0d' (2023-09-30)
  → 'github:nix-community/NUR/d091fda7b4526d15a9c1bbe80db998676212af16' (2023-10-01)
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modules nix gc: TTL 2d, run weekly 11 hours ago
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.envrc flakes 3 months ago
.gitattributes Configure git repository for gpg file diff. 9 months ago
.gitignore enable some checks in pre-commit hooks 11 hours ago
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yubikey-installer.nix update yubikey-installer.nix to 23.05 and nix flake update 2 months ago



$ deploy --interactive '#vno1-oh2'

$ nix build .#deploy.nodes.fra1-a.profiles.system.path


$ nix build


$ nix eval

Encoding host-only secrets

Encode a secret on host:

rage -e -r "$(cat /etc/ssh/" -o secret.age /path/to/plaintext

Decode a secret on host (to test things out):

rage -d -i /etc/ssh/ssh_host_ed25519_key secret.age