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My resume is below, in reverse-chronological order.
## Employment
### Staff Software Engineer, UBER, Lithuania 20202023
- Bootstrapped Uber's infrastructure on arm64. See [Uber's blog
### Senior Software Engineer, UBER, The Netherlands (2016), Lithuania (20172020)
- Developed all kinds of OS, kernel, infrasec projects and initiatives.
- Built, developed and led Uber's First Responder team (Ring0) in EU.
- Maintained [ringpop-go](https://github.com/uber/ringpop-go).
*Technologies utilized at Uber*:
* Used and contributed to
[Go](http://github.com/golang/go/issues?q=author%3Amotiejus+) and
* Debian builds and deployments, configuration management. Wide ecosystem.
* Productionized and on-boarded to Uber a [hermetic C++ toolchain
in Bazel.
### GIS/Cartographer (FREELANCE), Lithuania 2019now
* Created a photomosaic of a non-trivial area with a consumer drone that
enabled significant update of openstreetmaps data and create a detailed map
of a small town.
* Implemented some spatial algorithms. Notable
example: [git.jakstys.lt/motiejus/wm][wm].
*Technologies utilized for GIS work*: PostGIS, GDAL.
### Software Development Engineer, AMAZON WEB SERVICES, The Netherlands, 20142016
- Developed Amazon WorkMail.
- Performed networking and Linux investigations. between the business
application and the system (and networks) that are running it.
Technologies utilized at Amazon: Java, Linux, AWS public offerings and internal
Amazon stack.
### Software Engineer, SPIL GAMES, Netherlands, 20122014
- Backend application developer.
- Performed networking and Linux investigations.
Tech: Erlang, C and Linux.
Location: Hilversum, Netherlands.
### Software Engineer, MANO NUMERIS, Lithuania, 20102011
Developed businessline applications in Erlang.
Location: Vilnius, Lithuania.
## Academic Certifications
### MSc in Cartography, VILNIUS UNIVERSITY, Lithuania, 20192021
### BSc in Computing Science, UNIVERSITY OF GLASGOW, Scotland, 20102013
[uber-arm64]: https://www.uber.com/en-US/blog/bootstrapping-ubers-infrastructure-on-arm64-with-zig/
[wm]: https://git.jakstys.lt/motiejus/wm/
Moved to [jakstys.lt/resume.pdf](/resume.pdf).

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